Hello everyone!!! My name is Star and i love my little pony... friendship is magic. But that's not all i like. I love anime, art, and fan fiction, Mostly when you look at this blog you might see funny stuff, MLP, and art made by different people that i like. Once and a while when I'm not busy, I'll post some of my thought's..... so Enjoy!!! Ask Inbox: Open

Must. Resist. *sigh* I can’t do it, it’s to adorable :3

Must. Resist. *sigh* I can’t do it, it’s to adorable :3

I had requested for my oc to feature in a photo for Dance x Mixer and it’s here!! Thanks to starhedgehog55

If Oprah did the season finale box scene (Poor Discord)

Well…..I did not see that coming

I see what you did there

I see what you did there

True But To Be Honest His Coat Is Awesome (By the way what happen to his hair color?)

Calm down natsu

How did you come to love my little pony friendship is magic?
starbright7 starbright7 Said:

Hello I Started watching Mlp on the Hub Network (Not on the internet). And as I kept watching the show it didn’t look like any ordinary children’s show to me, It was much more than that (And during the beginning of me watch 9 or 12 episodes, I Was not aware of what was going on the internet and I did not know what a brony was).

As i saw the first episode and I instantly fell in love with the show. And the brony Community had so much love and I felt proud to be a brony (Female brony). Each and everyday my love for the fandom becomes stronger.

P.s. Sorry for the long answer :P

You said it

I would have loved it!!

I would have loved it!!

Before and After Picture of Phoenix Wright (looking good there phoenix)

Athena’s Flashback (Anime Scene)